HTTPS Everywhere

By Electronic frontier foundation (updated Jun 08)

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HTTPS Everywhere allows you to surf the Internet safely and securely. Basically what it does is it changes a website’s address from the typical 'HTTP' mode to the more secured 'HTTPS' mode. If you are more concern about the privacy may be you are familiar with the TOR project. Its main target is to protect the privacy of users. So you may please to know that most of the same developers are involved with the creation of this application. For those who are concerned in regards to their privacy or desires to avoid online cookies will value from this handy smartphone app.

Main Usage and Tools

HTTPS Everywhere is best suit for avoid online surveillance, data tracking and common phishing patterns. It has a robust firewall alongside with a SSL encryption to protect all personal data. In the most of the cases, this software will run automatically in the background. However, users have full freedom to go for manual mode and deactivate it if they find that pages are loading too slowly.

Don’t worry the total file size of HTTPS Everywhere is only 1.57 mb, also most users will not experience any performance issues. Are you not an English person? Well its ok this software currently offered in nearly 50 languages and more are likely to be added in future.


Google Chrome or Firefox installed in your PC